Multiple Offender Program

If the defendant has been convicted of a pervious violation of Section 3731, the Court shall order (according to Act 122) the person be committed to a drug and alcohol treatment program licensed by the Office of Drug and Alcohol Program of the Department of Health.  They are required by law under Act 122 to attend and complete a treatment program.  The Department of Motor Vehicles will not return their license until they successfully complete the Court-ordered treatment.

The Multiple Offender Program consists of 4 out-patient group treatment sessions lasting 2 1/2 hours each.  This program was developed for those DUI offenders convicted of a second or subsequent offense; the group size is approximately 10 members.  The following are some of the treatment topics:  relapse, denial, alcoholism, co-dependency, time and drinking patterns between offenses, family, legal and financial impact of a subsequent conviction.

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