Luzerne County DUI Central Processing Center

The Processing Center was established with the primary goal of precessing those arrested for the offense of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Controlled Substance(s) (DUI).

With a significant number of police departments in Luzerne County working with a limited number of on-duty officers, the Center allows those officers to be available for routine patrol within their municipality.  On average, the normal drunk driving arrest could take 2 or 3 hours of the officers time if he did not have access to or utilize the Processing Center.  By utilizing the Center, the officer’s only responsibility is to transport the offender to the Center.  The officer is now free to return to his municipality and go back on patrol; the savings in time (and accessibility of the officer) is quite significant.

At the Center, the staff will process the offender for the arresting officer.  This will consist of performing the standardized Field Sobriety Test, making the offender aware of the Pennsylvania Implied Consent Law, administering a chemical breath test, giving Miranda Warnings, and – if the defendant waives his rights – perform a question.answer session, fingerprint, and photograph.  The process (with the exception of the fingerprinting and photoraph) is recorded on videotape.  The packet of information is immediately made available to the arresting officer, and his only remaining obligation will be to prepare the criminal complaint.

The videotape now becomes a piece of evidence and can be used by the officer at the defendant’s hearing, or at trial if that becomes necessary.  The tape also provides valuable evidence in the event the defendant refused the breath test and subsequently appealed his/her suspension.

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