Court Reporting Network (CRN) Evaluation

The Court Reporting Network (CRN) was developed in 1983 by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; the CRN Evaluation is a standardized pre-screening tool used to gather a social history of the client, as well as insight into the client’s present and past alcohol/drug use.  The evaluation also provides background information on prior arrest history (including alcohol-related arrests), employment, and medical history.  Though most of the information is self-reported, the Department of Transportation does include all information on previous DUI arrests, license status, and any previous traffic-related citations on the final evaluation printout.  This evaluation is done prior to court in order to aid in the scentencing options.  The information is not to be used against the individual, but to determine the extent of alcohol usage.  The CRN Profile is sent to the Office of the District Attorney, the Court, the defendant’s attorney, and the Probation Department.

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