Community Services Program

The primary purpose of the Community Service Program is to hold criminal offenders accountable for their actions and require them to do something positive that will benefit the community.  The sentencing judge has the discretion who will be assigned hours, and the number of hours that must be performed.

 The objective of the program is to provide assistance to agencies/organizations that experience the need for temporary workers/volunteers.  The goals of the program are that (1) the offender will learn some work/life skills by working along with others; (2) the community/organization will benefit by having the availability of unpaid workers to assist in on-going projects; and (3) people within the community will see that there are consequences for those who violate the law.

Everyone in the program has either entered a guilty plea, been found guilty, or have applied and been admitted into the ARD program.  All offenders are under the supervision of the Luzerne County Adult Probation/Parole Department.

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