Alcohol Highway Safety School

The Alcohol Highway Safety School was developed in 1983 as a result of the change in the drunk driving law; the practice of punishing the DUI offender by fine and jail time alone had been ineffective.  The rationale of the Alcohol Highway Safety Program is to attempt to help the individual sentenced for DUI understand the relationship of alcohol consumption to highway safety.  It is further hoped that the program will help the driver to recognize the effects that alcohol has on one’s health and family life, as well as the impact on economic and social functioning.

Therefore, the Alcohol Highway Safety School was designed to provide the DUI offender with the opportunity to examine his/her own behavior and make responsible decisions based on an awareness of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.  The school consists of 5 classes, 2 1/2 hours each, geared towards increasing the students knowledge and understanding of the effects of drinkin and driving.  Following the last class all clients are evaluated to determine if counseling is needed.

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