Alcohol Education Classes (underage)

The Alcohol Education Classes serve as a sentencing alternative to the Magisterial System.  A first time referral is eligible for these classes; AEC is an eight hour program providing education and information to the offender of alcohol use.

The program consists of four, 2-hour classes.  Night 1 covers an introduction to the program, information on the physiological effects of alcohol use, and an explanation of Blood Alcohol Concentration.  Night 2 covers the physiological effects of alcohol use and the differences between social drinking, problem drinking, and alcoholism.  Night 3 is Parents’ night, where all students are required to bring an adult family member; numerous issues are discussed, including peer influences, parenting, summaries of pervious classes, and discussion time.  Night 4 is a discussion night geared toward involving the students in discussion surrounding the drinking age, the law, personal attitudes, and feelings, alcoholism, and the effects of alcohol use on the family.

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