Parent Child Home

The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) is a proven, innovative home-based literacy and parenting program serving families challenged by obstacles to (children’s) educational success. Published research demonstrates that the Parent-Child Home Program prepares children to succeed in school and is a proven tool in decreasing high school dropout rates.

PCHP emphasizes the parent-child verbal interaction critical to early childhood brain development.

  • PCHP is a home visiting program for families, with two and three year olds, that have had limited access to educational opportunities.
  • Participating families are visited twice each week for two years by trained Home Visitors.
  • In play sessions with the parent and the child together, the Home Visitor demonstrates parenting techniques.  The Home Visitor emphasizes verbal interaction and learning through play, using carefully chosen books and toys.
  • PCHP strengthens families and prepares children to succeed in school by increasing parent-child interaction.
  • When families participate in the Parent-Child Home Program, their children develop the verbal and language skills necessary to be successful students.

The Parent-Child Home Program is Effective

  • Over twenty years of rigorous research demonstrate the program’s success.
  • Of the low-income, low-educated parents who are offered the program, an unusually high percentage of them accept and complete their two-year enrollment.
  • PCHP parents develop high verbal responsiveness that continues into children’s school years.
  • Parents’ verbal responsiveness to their children correlates with the children’s scores in reading, math, task orientation, self-confidence social responsibility, and IQ.
  • Reading and math standardized test scores of PCHP graduates were above national norms in elementary school.
  • A study of PCHP graduates indicates that they graduate from high school at rates significantly higher than similarly situated children who did not participate in the program.

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